3D Modeling

As An Outsourcing Resource For Your Company, We Can Take Any Project And Undertake Only The Initial Modeling, Regardless Of The Type Of Project To Be Produced.

Architectural Visualization

We Produce And Deliver 3D Images Allowing You To Know In Advance, And In Great Detail, How Your Project Will Look Once It Is Finished.

Our Clients Receive Their Completed Project According To Specifications Received At The Beginning And During The Project Development:

  • Still Images With Photo-Realistic Quality Showcasing Different Camera Angles For a Better Project Understanding.
  • 3D Video Animations With Interior And Exterior Walk Through.
  • Floor Plans That Offer a New Plan In Perspective And May Include The Furniture You Want To Display.
  • Such Still Renders (Interior And Or Exteriors) As Well The Video Animation 3DCg Design Generate, May Include Photo montage Since We Synthesize The Required Architectural Visualization Of The Project With An Environmental Photograph, This Achieving The Highest Possible Realism Degree.

Work Process

Once We Receive The Required Information For The Project (CAD Files, PDFs or Reference Images Associated) We Analyze It And Then Send Our Quote.

When Our Quotation (In Terms Of Delivery Time And Money Involved) Is Accepted, We Create a Private Access To Our FTP Servers To Where Starting Information Available For The Project Must Be Uploaded.

Once We Get The Starting Information, We Check It And We Will Request Relevant Clarifications For The Project Scope Or Necessary Missing Information If It Is Needed.

With This Previous Clarification Step Saved, We Send Our Client a Project’s Schedule And We Start The Modeling Process On Which We Will Send Previews In JPG Format For Approval Or Corrections.

Once The Project’s Overall Model Is Approved We Start To Texture And Light The Required Scenes.

We Will Also Send The Corresponding Progress In Low Resolution Preview Format, In Order To Obtain Again The Client’s Approval Or Requirement For Corrections Or Changes.

We Will Repeat This Process Until We Receive The Final Preview’s Approval For Still Images And Or Animation.

In That Moment We Start The Final Rendering And Post Production For Project’s Delivery According The Parameters Received From Our Client, At The Beginning And During The Production Process.