Design Services and Job Roles

Director jobs require candidates to collaborate with various organizational teams aimed at ensuring brand consistency. Any sucessful director will be able arrange services from suppliers it service provider. As such, digital directors must demonstrate excellent digital expertise relevant to the latest marketing techniques. Besides, digital directors are expected to have the capability of planning and delivering effective digital strategies and help in the realization of set business goals and objectives.

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Job requirements

  • Proven work experience as a digital director

  • Vast experience with web-based technologies and online marketing

  • Vast understanding of how different digital platforms and channels work

  • Vast expertise in CRM software/SEO and SEM

  • Exceptional interpersonal and team management skills

  • Vast analytical skills

  • BSC degree in digital technologies, marketing or related field

  • Excellent communication and verbal skills

  • Ready to learn, ambitious and willing to work

  • Well organized, ability to handle stress and ambiguity

  • Good time managers

  • Creative and can develop new designs, graphics, and layouts

  • Ability to work with different media using relevant design software

Digital Directors Job Roles within the graphic Design Agencies>

Graphic design companies develop visual communication, marketing, and advertising materials for their customers. They work closely with their customers to develop strategies, business objectives, and work towards their implementation. As such, digital directors are mandated to:

  • Make digital-related decisions on the usage and management of both internal and external corporate resources

  • Direct the creation of content, creative designs, information technology, and other teams to deliver effectively

  • Develop and identify fundamental strategic alliances both externally and internally

  • Coordinate the implementation of top-class customer experience

  • Lead organizational teams to translate and understand business and organizational goals and objectives

  • Manage the evolution of internet, intranet and extranet websites and applications

  • Guide and support both business and user needs

  • Oversee and enhance the implementation of third-party vendors and technologies aimed at driving compelling customer experiences

  • Analyze customer information to make appropriate decisions

  • Plan for the development of future organizational eCommerce initiatives

As the managers of the corporate, creative team, they are mandated to develop proposals and meet goals and objectives. As such, they supervise work done by creative teams. Their mandate is beneficial when it comes to interpreting particularities and demands of products, brands, and service.

They are identified as experts in all organizational content creation processes. This means that their role cannot be assumed in marketing, communication advertising, and sales departments. They supervise creative works such as designing websites, email campaigns, planning television, and radio adverts and printing collateral